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L'Aventure Automotive in Poissy

The Automobile Adventure in Poissy preserves everything related to the history of Poissy's production site and the models, which have become mythical, that have come out of its chains. Its services and workshop, run solely by volunteers, provide essential technical and administrative support to the collectors of all brands, current or dormant, the PSA Group.

Created in 1984 by enthusiasts, L'Aventure Automobile in Poissy is intended to recall all the events that have marked the history of the Poissy car plant that started in 1938. Almost all of the PSA Group's brands have, at one time or another in their history, seen one of their models exit the chains of this industrial unit: Peugeot and Citroën, of course, and also Ford SAF Poissy and its predecessors Mathis and Matford, also Simca, Donnet and Zedel, as well as Talbot, Clément and Darracq.

The Automotive Adventure in Poissy safeguards and showcases, not only a collection of vehicles that come from the Poissy factory, but also preserves the means used to manufacture them. It keeps a large number of archives and tools.

Originality of L'Aventure Automobile in Poissy: it puts its facilities at the disposal of the members-collectors who wish to intervene on their old cars. It has three lifts and a workshop that can accommodate four to five vehicles simultaneously.

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