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Application for certificates and certificates

The decree of 20 February 2017 has introduced to article R.311-1 6.3 paragraph of the Highway Code, the Community definition of the vehicle of historical interest (vehicle called collection in French law). The order of the 24 may 2017 modified the order of the 9 February 2009 relating to the conditions of registration of the vehicles to take into account this evolution.

Only vehicles approved (homologated) may be issued with a certificate in accordance with the principle that only vehicles registered and subject to a national or Community type-approval may operate on lanes open to public transport. .

From now on, during a registration request for the addition of the "collection vehicle" use, the preservation on the historical level, the maintenance in its original state of the vehicle as well as the absence of any essential modification made to the technical characteristics of the vehicle. its main components must be proved by the owner of the vehicle by a certificate presented during the registration operations.

This regulatory change aims to frame the attribution of the mention "collection" so that only the vehicles preserved in their state of origin can benefit from it. This measure therefore contributes to the guarantee of a genuine rolling historic heritage.

Thus, it should be ensured that the vehicle for which one wishes to obtain a registration certificate with the use "collection vehicle", is in conformity with the origin. The engine displacement, the equipment (seats, lighting, signaling, braking system, etc.) and, of course, the type of bodywork must comply with the origin and the homologation document of the period.

To obtain a new registration certificate (purchase of a wreck or vehicle without a registration card, purchase of a vehicle abroad) the documentation committee can have the document required by the authorities drawn up.

Therefore, can not be eligible for the gray card collection and are concerned by a Receipt in Title Isolated if the registration is not concordant, the vehicles in the following cases (among other examples): Buggy, Sedan transformed into Cabriolet (kit of transformation and transformation by a particular), engine with a cylinder capacity different from the origin and or equipped with an unapproved carburation or injection system, disc braking instead of drums, unauthorized tire mounting ...

If the vehicle is not compliant, no official document (to update a "normal" registration card or obtain a "collection" registration card) will be issued by our association and a motivated refusal letter will be sent to you.

If the vehicle does not meet these criteria, it will not be possible to obtain a certificate of date for a vintage vehicle. Whatever the age of the vehicle and for obvious reasons of safety, any transformation is subjected to an isolated reception with the department in charge of the receptions in application of the provisions of the article R.321-16 of the code of the road.

Of course, a vehicle with a so-called "normal" registration card must also be strictly compliant with the origin, otherwise in the event of a roadworthiness test, roadside check or accident followed by an expert report, legal proceedings may be incurred. Any modification must be approved and approved by the DREAL (formerly Mines Service) as part of a Single Title Reception.

The average response time is about 4 weeks. Faster processing is offered only to Active members of the Peugeot Citroën DS Adventure.

Ask for your documents!

Thank you for completing this questionnaire so that we can start the research.

The certificate of conformity allows you to correct, update or obtain a "normal" gray card
The Collector Vehicle Date Certificate is used to obtain a gray card "collection"this document also serves as a birth certificate.

Please choose between the certificate of conformity and the collection vehicle date certificate, we provide a single document allowing the registration of a vehicle.

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